J. Newcastle
J. serves as co-host and co-editor of The Art of Slaying and Film Strip podcasts. Our resident horror movie expert, J. also enjoys films from many genres and is responsible for setting the release schedule for the podcasts. His favorite films include Jaws, Halloween, Alien, Nothing in Common, and Die Hard. Besides Buffy, his other favorite TV shows include Angel, 24, and most recently, The Following.

Brian Thomas
Brian is a singer/songwriter and podcaster from Minnesota who currently hosts The Art of Slaying with fellow Continuous Play Podcast host J and occasionally appears on the Film Strip podcast. Brian also shares the editing duties for both The Art of Slaying and Film Strip podcast episodes and runs the websites. His favorite films include The Big Lebowski, The Crow, Tommy Boy and Dumb and Dumber.

Nick Poblocki
Nick is a Wisconsin’s native son, turned podcaster, Huguenot, Zach Snyder apologist, and recent resident of the Deep South. Nick currently co-hosts Film Strip and has also appeared as a featured guest on The Hollywood Gauntlet:Arena podcast. His favorite films, and TV shows include: Goodfellas, Alien, The Godfather, The Sopranos, and Game of Thrones. He does not like meatloaf (singer or food).


Ron Hogan
RonRon is the owner and proprietor of PopFi, a weird and unique news website, as well as the American correspondent for Den of Geek, where he reviews lots of television shows and a member of Cinema Narcs.  He loves terrible 80’s B movies and anything that takes place in a dystopian future after the nuclear apocalypse.  He graduated from the same high school as Warren Oates and Hunter S. Thompson.  His favorite films include Mad Max, Return of the Living Dead, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (also his favorite book), Jason X, and any movie improved by Rifftrax.  He does not like cheese.

Kurt Fabisch

KurtKurt Fabisch is a film buff and podcaster from the arctic tundra of Canada. When he is not rocking the mic on Canadian radio, Kurt is host and page author of The Fabisch Factor, where he tends to ramble on a bit about his favorite films and TV shows. His favorite TV Shows being The Wire, Seinfeld, Mad Men and The West Wing. And some of his favorite films being Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dr. Strangelove, The Big Lebowski, and The Godfather Part II.


RachelRachel joined the Film Strip podcast with the Twilight series in 2014. She is married to J. and often watches the films in review with him. So, in a sense, she feels like she’s been on every episode of this podcast series from the start! She’s also the world’s last flip phone user and is convinced she will have the only phone to survive the coming apocalypse.



Anna McCoy

Anna is our modern-day Southern Belle and a loving mother of two beautiful daughters with a crazy marathon running husband. She likes movies and TV that are mindless entertainment and makes her laugh and doesn’t require a ton of thought to process. Anna retired from podcasting in 2014 but her contributions are available in the archives. 


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