Films of 2012 Part 2: Top Films of 2012

Films of 2012 part 2

Kurt and Nick talk about the top films of 2012.

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Podcast Length: 02:50:16

Films of 2012 Part 1 – Oscar Picks

The Oscars

Kurt and Nick give their picks and discuss the films, directors, and performances of the 85th Academy Awards.

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Podcast Length: 01:18:56

Death Proof (2007)


SO much better now then in 2007.

Because in 2007, there was the thought that “If QT died tomorrow, THIS is his final film.” … at least that went through my head.

But after Basterds and Django, this film works as a stop gap between Kill Bill and Basterds. It’s like a minor work, but on purpose.

And Stuntman Mike… he’s still in my top 5 Tarantino characters. Kurt Russell should have been up for an Oscar for this film.

And the first half of the film, I think is pretty much on par with the rest of QT’s work. It’s still that damn half hour without Stuntman Mike that I find weak… IN comparison to when he IS onscreen.

But the entire cast is good. Except for Omar Doom… who I found TRULY annoying here. And Tracie Thoms, it’s a real love/hate performance. She tries a little too hard to do a ‘Jules Winfield’s daughter impression’, I think.

But a real solid film. And the scenes at the end of the first act, when QT goes into full-bore horror mode are amazing. The car crash we see 4 times… why no one ever did that before is beyond me.

The Wire – Way Down in the Hole

The Wire

Kurt and Nick take a journey through one of the most acclaimed TV shows in recent history, The Wire.

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Podcast Length: 54:42

Batman Begins

Batman Begins

We get into Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins.  And a new standard in superhero films.  Batman Begins.

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Podcast Length: 02:04:14

Alien Series (sort of) V – PROMETHEUS


Prometheus.  Is it indeed an Alien film like the trailer says? Or is it something else like Ridley Scott says? Tune in to find out.

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Podcast Length: 01:21:22


Alien Resurrection

The 4th and final chapter in our Alien series.  The Firefly prequel gets a quick glance and then it’s on to Prometheus, a look to the summer of 2012, and our feelings on film advertising.

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Podcast Length: 55:46

Alien Series: Part III of IV – ALIEN 3

Alien 3

This is the same Alien 3 show, just with the audio leveled.  Same love for it as before!

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Podcast Length: 37:28

Alien Series: Part II of IV – ALIENS


Part 2 of our Alien series.  here, it’s all Aliens!

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Podcast Length: 59:07

Alien Series: Part I of IV – ALIEN


The first in our series on the Alien films.  here we talk Ridley Scott’s Alien with a little bit of Alien VS Predator towards the end.

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Podcast Length: 54:17